Abroad and broke?Running out of money while abroad is every traveler’s worst nightmare. The situation can be horrible enough to put a dampener on even the best laid plans.

In order to avoid running through all the cash set aside for a trip in a few days, it is advisable for travelers to draft a realistic budget. This budget will enable an individual to have an idea of how much cash to set aside for the trip, keep track of expenses and to choose the most cost-effective means of travel, food and accommodation. A travel budget makes it easy to regulate spending and allows individuals to make the most of the cash they worked so hard to save.

Running out of money

Several situations can result in a loss of funds whilst abroad. The most common include being robbed of all cash, ATM cards and other documents, overspending on food, accommodation or travel costs, local exchange rates that are higher than expected, ATM failure and medical emergencies while traveling.

Although being abroad without funds presents a difficult dilemma and can be downright debilitating, it does not necessarily mean that a trip has to be terminated. The most important thing for vacationers to do is to keep their wits. Though dire, the situation does have solutions.

There are various ways in which individuals can get cash back into their pockets when they find themselves broke in a foreign country. Being aware of the potential solutions would make it easier and less stressful to deal with the scenario, should it arise.

How to survive

The first step is for the individual to analyze the situation with a clear and open mind. Being broke abroad can mean one of two things: that the person has completely exhausted all funds that they had or that they have sufficient funds but lack access to them.

Solving these two problems requires slightly different approaches:

  • Seeking temporary local work

This solution is ideal if the traveler is completely broke and has no reserve cash. No matter how remote or foreign a place is there is usually some opportunities to earn money for those who find themselves broke. For instance, such individuals can earn money through bartending, washing dishes, serving or busking on the streets. Some can even earn decent cash by teaching English as a foreign language.

  • Cash transfers

Another solution to salvaging a doomed trip is by receiving a cash transfer. This is a viable option for those who have temporarily lost access to their cash. Nowadays there are a variety of firms, such as Trans-fast, offering reliable, secure and fast money transfer services. The travelers can ask their friends or relatives back home to transfer money to them. They can then pick up the remittance in cash or they can have the funds transferred directly into their bank accounts.

If all else fails, vacationers still have the option of asking their local embassies for help. Most embassies can loan money to their nationals abroad to cover the costs of getting back home.

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Keith Jenkins AKA @velvetescape was one of my earliest connections on Twitter. He talked #travel, I talked #dream #travel and so the conversation started! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Keith’s blog grow from strength to strength and the fabulous opportunities it brings him. Jealous much! :)

Background: Keith Jenkins is the Founder and Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. Based in Amsterdam, Keith left his ten-year investment banking career to travel the world and carve out a new career as a travel blogger and social media advocate.

Back in 2012 Keith delivered this TEDx Talk: Passion, Empowerment, Social Media. Enjoy!

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Berlin, capital of Germany, is one of the most cosmopolitan, vibrant and youthful cities in Europe. It is the most populous city and hosts cultural options, shopping and entertainment for all tastes and budgets. The international atmosphere permeates the streets, bars and restaurants, one of the quintessential college towns in Europe. It also has excellent communications by road and by air. Berlin is one of the busiest cities of low cost flights in Europe. Hotels in Berlin are not very expensive either. There are many attractions in this city that is the summit of art and alternative culture and home to pioneering experimental musicians in styles and trend setters.

Some of the best kept secrets of Berlin are:

Best kept secrets in BerlinThe Tiergarten, Berlin lung park is the second largest park in the city after the Grünewald. It’s located right in the city heart and because of its large size, it is best to cross it by bike to make the most of every corner, especially their wildest and leafy nooks. It features a cemetery in which lie the remains of Red Army and one of the best kept secrets of this beautiful natural area is open to the public. It’s the nudist space offered in summer, example of progressive culture within the city. The second secret of the Tiergarten is that it can accommodate parties and barbecues freely, although always according to rules of conviviality and use. Any citizen or visitor can use the facilities and public barbecues of Tiergarten to enjoy a picnic day.

Scheunenviertel, the Jewish quarter of the city is par excellence. Located in the eastern part of Berlin, it is not always mentioned among the main Berlin attractions, but by no means is it less interesting. This outdoor museum of Hebrew culture reflects history, suffering, reconciliation and peace in the streets. Today lovers of culture, art, alternative trends and creativity, as well as those who enjoy charming cafes and a touch of modern romance, find as one of their favourite places, the Scheunenviertel in Berlin. One of the secrets of this bohemian mecca for connoisseurs of fashion and trends, are its clothing stores, where you can find unique clothes, gourmet boutiques or designer pieces.

The Free Tour is one of the best options for the most emblematic of the city from the hand of young enthusiasts who know by heart places. The duration of this tour is about three and a half hours walking on foot and the most important points of historical and cultural attractions of Berlin. The worst kept secret about this tour is that it is free. Guides accept the offerings of the participants at the end of the visit, so that each is free to remunerate the work of the same according to their criteria, if desired. It is a favorite for young and international students who come to Berlin each year to their first contact with the city options.

The route of this tour, which is normally available twice a day every day of the week, includes the Pariser Platz, the door Bandenburgo, the Parliament building or memorial Memorial to Murdered Jews of Europe and more. The tour will not ignore the history of the Hitler Bunker and will guide participants in their tour of the iconic Berlin Wall, as well as the exploration of the former SS barracks or the Gendarmenmarkt. It also includes other landmarks such as the famous Neue Wache or Bebelplatz and the TV Tower and beautiful Museum Island.

Berlin is home to some of the most interesting open secrets of European cultural scene. This city is rich in history, education, arts and entertainment and will delight our five senses. All you need is a good base of action. So it’s a great idea to find a good apartment in Berlin near the center so you are situated within reach of all the open secrets!

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The city of Dubrovnik isn’t called “The Pearl of the Adriatic” for no reason. Situated on the beautiful Dalmatian coast, since the 13th century Dubrovnik has been an important Mediterranean sea power with rich history and cultural life. Over time, it has managed to preserve it’s gorgeous palaces, monasteries and other similar historical and architectural monuments. As an incredibly well preserved example of a medieval Mediterranean city it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole Europe, especially for the last couple of decades.

 Dubrovnik, Croatia - Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival was founded in 1950. to revive the renaissance and baroque atmosphere, theater and literary heritage of Dubrovnik, while at the same time providing an opportunity to breathe new life into the cities artistic and festive existence. As a cultural center of this part of Mediterranean sea and the Dalmatian coast itself, Dubrovnik has become the perfect breeding ground for world known artists and ensembles to manifest their work in front of an audience. The festival repertoire has over time become an instrument for channeling and reflecting the cities history through plays, performances and concerts all set in it’s natural architectural and cultural surroundings, making this festival one of a kind in the world.


Dubrovnik Summer Festival hosts a variety of open-air performances from plays and concerts to recitals, thus providing a unique experience for every tourist who decides to pay a visit to this ancient Mediterranean city. A must see on your holiday Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience Mediterranean and it’s cultural life as it once was. Whether you’re into theater, ballet, dance or music, Dubrovnik Summer Festival has something for everyone and will equally leave everyone who visits it in awe.


Classical music, contemporary drama, best ballet ensembles from all around the world, circus theater, opera – you name it, Dubrovnik Summer Festival has it all and offers you the best possible experience of this kind in the world, as one of the largest cultural manifestations in all of Europe. As a melting pot of different cultures, languages and nations it has become a meeting place of the world’s most prominent artists from world famous actors like Daniel Day Lewis to Czech Philharmonic and the Moscow Chamber Musical Theater to Julliard Quartet from New York, Amadeus Quartet from London and piano soloists like Syvatoslav Richter, Nikita Magaloff, Rudolf Firkusny, Van Cliburn, Alexis Weissenberg and many more.


Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening

As a one of a kind place in the world Dubrovnik is definitely the perfect tourist destination for all of you who want a unique experience that will stay in your memory forever. Off course, The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the perfect manifestation of everything this ancient city has to offer and needless to say, this festival is very popular among tourist from the whole world, so we recommend you to find your apartment in Dubrovnik as soon as possible. After you do that you’re on your way to having the best holiday of your life, a holiday you will always remember and tell all of your friends and family about. Once you visit Dubrovnik, you’ll always come back, because nothing compares to what this city has to offer.

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