When choosing a holiday destination, a number of things are taken into consideration: the amount of money you’re ready to spend, the free time you have and the time of the year when this trip will take place. These are, as it always turns out the night before departure, the easy questions – it’s the hard ones that make you crazy: how much clothes and sunscreen to take with you, do you need another pair of shoes, should you buy another bathing suit. But, when it comes to picking which exotic island you wish to visit, pay attention to its history, geographic location, climate, local customs and activities to enjoy. Here are some details concerning the very beautiful and exciting island of Koh Samui.


Paradise in Koh Samui 1Over the course of the past several years, this island has gained much popularity and has been attracting a constantly rising number of tourists every year. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise knowing how exotic and cared for it really is, but also bearing in mind that its unique location has a lot to do with this rise of attraction. Being on the eastern coast of Thailand’s Malay Peninsula, Koh Samui is this country’s second biggest island, but its population of about 63 thousand is drastically outnumbered by the annual arrival of tourists which surpasses one and a half million every year. What most of them find extremely interesting are not just the sandy beaches, corals, coconut and palm trees, but also the island’s central part – this tropical jungle hasn’t been fully explored yet and therefore attracts those of more adventurous spirit who aren’t satisfied with being on the beach the whole time.

History and Climate

Paradise in Koh Samui 2Even though it has been inhabited for over a thousand years and present on world maps since the 17th century, Koh Samui hasn’t gained international notice until quite recently. Only in the past several decades has it been connected to the aforementioned peninsula and, due to established roads, can it see economic prosperity, positive changes in the cultural and environment spheres. Much of the island’s fame within international tourism today is owed to the warm climate that is present all year long. With only one dry month, Koh Samui is, despite being in a predominantly tropical monsoon climate region, relatively dry and much more pleasant than the rest of the country. Moreover, the temperatures are always between 29 and 33°C, so it’s actually possible for those who rent a place in paradise to spend the entire day on the beach.


Speaking of the beach, here is the fun part about Koh Samui – the activities you can enjoy on this beautiful island. First of all, there is the standard offer present in all similar places worldwide – swimming, diving, snorkeling, deep sea exploration around the coral reefs, jet skiing, etc. – but have in mind that it’s the environment and surroundings that separate this place from all the others. It’s not too hot nor is it too humid, so the conditions for a full day in the sea are quite perfect. However, for those who are into something else, there is the already mentioned exploration of the jungle in the central region of the island, with hiking, climbing and mountaineering. Finally, if you are in the festive mood and want a bigger celebration, there are several festivals held in Koh Samui and they cover different ranges of activities, from buffalo fighting and parading, to sailing and triathlon and even cultural and art activities.


Thailand has been in the top ten tourist destinations for the past several years on the global level and actually a runner-up in the Asia and Pacific region, right after China. Many of its visitors spend time in Koh Samui and have a strong tendency to return to this “paradise island” soon after leaving and relive the days of fun and games in a great climate.

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We all knew a Sydney or two in high school, and girls with this name were usually real heartbreakers. However, this story is not about a girl and it is definitely not a heart-breaking one. This is a compilation of experiences and great memories that I had during my stay in Sydney, Australia. During those couple of days this incredible city won my heart and I know that I will try to go there as many times as I can.

Divine climate and shiny happy people 

The first thing that strikes you as you arrive at the Sydney Airport and get off your plane is the sun. I have been to many countries but the Australian sun is different from anything I have seen and felt so far. The Australian climate is definitely among the most enjoyable ones in the whole world. Of course, I am not talking about the arid climate that prevails in the inland, but the cozy and mild conditions in New South Wales, where Sydney is situated. The climate in this part of Australia is the most similar to the Californian and the Mediterranean climate and it goes without saying how beneficial it is for our health and mind.

As you get bathed by the silky touch of Sydney sunrays, the next thing that you notice are people, who seem so happy and relaxed that you wish at once to stay there for a long period of time. It is probably partly due to the climate, but most probably because of the great economic and social system of Australia. It is not wonder that Australia is one of the best countries to live by the quality of living criteria.

Wonderful sights and affordable accommodation

As you travel from the airport to the city centre, you stay breathless due to the beauty and cleanness of the whole city. As you get to the center, you will see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which are a part of every itinerary for foreigners. However, I would like to recommend visiting other interesting sights in the city centre, such as Macquarie Street, which is a host to many interesting attractions such as the Parliament House and the Old Mint. In addition to this sight-adorned street, every first-time Sydney visitor has to see Circular Quay, which is the central point of the Sydney Harbour and a real tourist hub with restaurants, a promenade and street musicians.

The Sydney Mint, Australia

When it comes to accommodation, if you have a substantial budget for this trip, you can choose from a wide range of center-based hotels. However, if you would like to save some money on accommodation and have more assets for museums and other sights, you could try a boutique hotel Sydney accommodation facility in Randwick. This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Sydney and from here you can easily get to Bondi or Coogee and many other beaches and parts of the city by bus.

Follow in the Olympic footsteps

Thanks to the Summer Olympic Games that were held in Sydney in 2000, today you can go and see a vast array of attractions left behind the games. Some of them still have their primary role for which they were built, while some others have a different purpose now.

The Olympic tour should begin at the AZN Stadium, where the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics took place. This monumental edifice is still an arena of numerous sports battles which attracts both local sport enthusiasts and tourists.

On your tour de Sydney Olympics sights, you should not miss the Sydney Aquatic Center, where all the swimming and water polo events of the Sydney Olympics took place. Also, there are numerous memorabilia from famous Australian swimmers. For further sights and interesting venues, have a look at the Sydney Olympic Park website.

The already fabulous impression of this marvelous city would be even more fantastic if I had a pleasure of meeting a Sydney-named Aussie girl to show me the Sydney foreigners rarely get to know. For the time being and the first stay in Sydney, I am still swept by the charm and good vibrations that Sydney, its sights and beaches and shiny happy people send to tourists from the whole world. There are still many attractions that I am yet to visit on my future travels to this gem of Australian coast.

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Are you interested in experiencing something truly amazing next summer?

When most people go on holiday they usually end up doing the same boring thing year after year, which involves visiting a traditional tourist destination and spending their time sitting around a swimming pool all day.

You don’t have to keep repeating the same process on a constant basis because there are a whole world of opportunities ready for you to explore.

Sailing Around The Croatian Islands

Sailing around the beautiful Croatian islands has become a lot more popular in recent years and it’s showing no sign of declining.

Part of the reason is because people want to experience it again, but they also get the word out and it attracts a new crowd hoping to relish in the delights each island has to offer.

Sailing from island to island offers so much because each of the islands contains its own special qualities. We’re going to look into the top 5 islands you’ll experience and we will talk about what makes each one stand out.


Brac is known for its great food and along with traditional Dalmatian dishes they also have a lot of unique culinary dishes you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a food lover’s paradise and after eating in a few restaurants you won’t want to leave.

One dish in particular that is always appreciated is the Brac lamb. The reason it tastes so good is because the lambs haven’t yet had a chance to taste grass. They are served up after only being fed by their mother’s milk and if you look into this it dates back to ancient times.

Brac, Croatia


The island of Hvar is rich in history dating back thousands of years. As you’re exploring you can’t afford to miss visiting the Stari Grad plain. It’s a land division so well-preserved it’s been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the olden days there were violent clashes breaking out all over the place, so you’ll get to see the walls and fortifications the local inhabitants built as a defense system to keep them safe from the dangerous uprisings that were occurring during the 16th century.

Hvar, Croatia


The natural environment on Losinj is only something you can appreciate when you see it with your own eyes. It boasts thick pine forests that have been around for centuries. If you want to do something a little more exerting you can follow the walking trails while trying to see how many of the 1200 plant species you can spot.

The air quality will refresh your lungs and the waters surrounding the island are extremely clean. They’re trying their hardest to protect anything from compromising the delightful natural resources you’ll get to encounter on your trip.

Losinj, Croatia


You can’t go on holiday without relaxing over a few drinks at night. Mljet might be the perfect place to do it because the wine from the local vineyards tastes great. Even if you’re a wine connoisseur you won’t leave disappointed.

It’s said the island still probably looks the same as it did when Odysseus arrived on the shores thousands of years ago, so as well as drinking the wine you’ll want to make sure you take a stroll through some of the many vineyards scattered around.

Mljet, Croatia


A holiday is never complete without a trip to the beach and you won’t need to go far to find a luscious beach you’ll have all to yourself. It’s the best place to go swimming as the sea surrounding the island is as clean as can be.

Sandy coves are scattered all over the place, but if you don’t just want to lie down to catch a tan you can visit some of the rocky and pebble beaches too. There is even a nudist beach on the island for those interested in something wilder.

Rab, Croatia

You Won’t Regret Your Trip!

Try to find someone who didn’t enjoy sailing around the Croatian islands and you’ll be looking for a while. If you do decide to try something out of the ordinary you’ll treasure your memories forever.

Right now is the best time to go because the islands are going to get even busier in the future and it’s always better to stay ahead of the curve. There is also plenty more to see, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the main features each island has to offer.

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When you are reading various traveling blogs and stories, there is one thing that you can notice and that is the absence, or at least a very small percentage of advice and tips for single people, either women or men. Somehow it is always about what couples can do, what families can do, what newlyweds can do.

Well, this little guide to Sydney is going to be a bit different as it will be mostly aimed at single guys who visit Sydney for whatever the reason – you might be visiting family or friends or you might be on a business trip. Or you might just be a single guy who wanted to see one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. So, what to see? What to do?


In the morning

Morning is perhaps the best time to start exploring any city, Sydney included. The crowds are much smaller, the cafes are much emptier and in Sydney at least, the sun is always shining. Morning hours are the perfect time to really go exploring the city.

The first step should always be the Sydney Harbour which is famed as one of the most beautiful in the world with the focal point definitely being the Sydney Opera. Yes, you have seen it innumerable times on TV and in photos but the real thing still leaves quite an impression. Also, since we are doing this for the single guys; you are also likely to find plenty of tourist ladies in the harbor.

You can also climb the Sydney Tower in the morning; check out the entire city sprawled beneath you. It is an amazing view and you will definitely get to know the city a bit more by seeing it from above.

In the afternoon

The best way to start off the afternoon is by finding a nice spot in one of numerous restaurants in Sydney. The choice for outdoor seating is simply endless and before you know it, you will find that perfect spot with the perfect food and why not a drink? A good idea would be to inform yourself in advance, ask local people because you can truly find some amazing restaurants in Sydney.

After a delicious meal, nothing is better than a nice walk and the Bondi beach is the perfect place to do it. It is one of the most famed beaches in the world and even though it does not captivate with its breath-taking beauty in the more strict ‘beachy’ sense; it is still clean, with clear water and it is always packed with young crowds. If you happen to surf, you will feel right at home there. If not, pick a spot in any of the innumerable bars there and relax.


In the evening

The nightlife in Sydney is world-famous and once you experience it, you will understand why this is the case. Sydney is a relatively young city in terms of the population age and all of the clubs and bars are packed full all night long. The list of the best nightlife places in Sydney is an extensive one and with a bit of research, you will find your personal favourite in no time. Keep in mind that the drinks in Sydney do not come cheap.

The next morning

The next morning, we recommend visiting the Sydney Aquarium. There is something about aquariums that goes well with a hangover; something almost medicinal. After the visit, you can rent out a car and take a drive outside of Sydney to the Hunter Valley where you will find the best winemakers in all of Australia, as well as some amazing restaurants. If you are not sure about your left lane driving skills, perhaps take a safer driving course, let them know you are used to driving on the right.

With a city as huge as Sydney, this is just scratching the surface and we are certain that you will be coming back to this amazing city, its people and its places. Perhaps next time you will not be a single guy? Not that there is anything wrong with being one.

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