One country’s dusty backyard is another country’s dream vacation, according to Google’s 2013 year-in-review list.

Published Tuesday, the Zeitgeist charts reveal the hottest travel destinations by country.

The data is divided into two kinds of lists. The first reflects the “trending” destinations — those that show the greatest growth in searches when compared to last year — while the second shows rankings of topics with the largest total search volumes.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, with 71% of the global search engine market share.

The roundup yielded some surprising results – Macau was the most searched destination in India this year, for example.

In Australia the top destination was Disneyland, despite the fact that the closest Magical Kingdom is an ocean away in Hong Kong.

London topped the destination searches in the United Arab Emirates, while those in the UK were planning trips to Rome and New York.

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Zeitgeist also analyzed the top destination wedding and honeymoon searches coming from the United States.

American couples wanted to head to the warm waters of Mexico, Bahamas and Kauai for their weddings, while New Zealand topped their honeymoon searches. Croatia rounded out the top 10 honeymoon list.

Read the full CNN story.


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As the first chills of winter are beginning to bite our toes, it’s getting difficult for the average folk to leave their beds early in the morning. For kids, winter is synonymous with snowboarding, snowball fights, sledging and Christmas, for adults it’s the perfect time to hibernate. If the thought of hitting a snow-clad peak in the dead of winter leaves you cold, why don’t you fly to Australia? Just follow the sun and explore the top 5 winter-blues busting destinations of Australia.

Why Australia?

Winter activities in AustraliaThe island of Australia, due to its unique climate, offers both cold and warm weather activities for different age groups. Australians experience cold and dry winters in the months of June, July and August.

According to the BBC weather reports, the average temperature of Australia is 46-55 degrees Fahrenheit, during winters. Thus, the mild weather prevailing in the continent makes room for a plethora of wintertime activities.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions

Whitsundays, Queensland

Whitsundays is a group of tropical islands stretching from Bowen to Laguna, over viewing the Great Barrier Reef. Tourists can explore the entire region on a luxury yacht. Book a vessel and let the wild winds inflate your sails. Kick back and relax on the chalky sands of Whitehaven Beach. Snorkel the reef and islands, witness the scenic flight of migratory birds over the islands or simply bask in the heat of winter sun.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is the hotspot of senior travellers. Here, you can rediscover your inner Zen with spa, mud-baths, Reiki, meditation and yoga. What’ more? You can sign up for surfing lessons, spy humpback whales as they drift towards the northern horizon, kayak with dolphins in a hot-water pool or simply walk around Cape Byron.

Darwin, Northern Territory

While the southern part of the continent experiences chilly winter winds, Darwin enjoys a bright, sunny weather, warm temperatures and cloudless skies. Want to fall in love with Australian lifestyle? Go ahead and survey the Mindil Beach Sunset markets. Browse through 200 stalls and enjoy scrumptious tropical cuisine.

Uluru, Northern Territory

Uluru, in Northern territory is famous for the Lulur-Kata Tujatu National Park, where tourists enjoy camelback riding. Move through the red sand dunes of Uluru and witness breathtaking panorama at the sunset. Dine alfresco under the stars on a rooftop restaurant, enjoy the Sounds of Silence and unfold the mysteries of Anangu Culture.

Broome, Western Australia

A 22km-long camel ride at the sunset tempts vacationers into visiting Cable Beach in Broome. It’s a perfect holiday destination for musicians, artists, families, celebrities, youngsters and backpackers who wish to break from the hectic city life. Watch your favourite movie at the Sun Picture Theatre or dig into the glorious past of Australia at Pearl Luggers.

Things To Do

Tourists enjoy hiking, biking and horseback riding in winters because winter days are quiet, sunny and clear. Just put on your woollen jackets and walk around the park, all the while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Head to the Alpine region of Victoria or visit the lofty, snow-clad peaks in New South Wales. Participate in snowboarding, skiing and mountain climbing activities. If you’ve time, you can visit the Perisher Ski Resort with your family.

Both Perth and Melbourne host international film festival in the honour of Australian Cinema. Visit these cities to get a glimpse of famous celebrities.

If you’re bored of your boring lifestyle, simply catch a flight from UK and land in Australia. Get more information on UK flight arrivals from local tourism companies and book your flights accordingly!

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Travel Photo of the Week: The majestic Alhambra Palace

The huge Arabic fortress on the hill dominating the Spanish city of Granada – the Alhambra – is one of the world’s best-preserved Moorish palaces. Alhambra tours takes in the Alcazaba and Watch Tower dating back to the 9th Century. The Alhambra offers a great display of mosaics and examples of Muslim art. This photo sent through by a regular reader has now been set as my desktop wallpaper! I love Moorish architecture and Granada remains high on my bucket list!

The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Photo courtesy of Travel Tips Plus reader Lavinia.

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Being connected whilst travelling or working remotely has become very popular over recent years. Now more people than ever are working from home either on a full-time or part-time basis, whether they are self-employed or they work for an employer.

One of the key requirements for any remote worker is a good computer, and many people choose to invest in a laptop because of their enhanced portability. If you are in the process of choosing a laptop for your remote work, here are five of the key features to look for.

1. Lightweight

Laptop for travelOne of the joys of working remotely is that you can take your work with you anywhere. You may want to work from home one day, in a café the next or even in the park. Having a good laptop makes this possible. However, if you are transporting your laptop around with you, you will want to ensure that it is as portable as possible, and this means choosing one that is lightweight.

Some of the latest ultrabook laptops are incredibly thin and lightweight, but they tend to be more expensive as a result. However, it could well be worth investing in one of these if you know that you will be carrying your laptop around with you a lot and want to make it as convenient as possible.

2. Long Battery Life

If you plan to work on your laptop in various different locations, you will not want the power to run out when you are in the middle of some important work. It is therefore a good idea to find a laptop that has a long battery life.

If you cannot find a laptop that has a long enough battery life, or you don’t want to buy an expensive laptop just because it has a good battery, another option is to buy a spare battery. For example, visit here for cheap laptop deals and then spend the money you save on an extra battery. This will ensure that you never run out of power when you most need it.

3. Webcam built in

If you are going to be making video calls to people back in the office or to your clients, it is a good idea to buy a laptop that comes with a built-in webcam. Most laptops come with a camera these days, but otherwise you can always buy one separately.

4. Fast Boot Time

If you are working on the go, you will not want to spend ages waiting for your laptop to boot up. You may want to open it up and write a few notes on the train, for example, without having to waste time waiting for it to get ready. It is therefore a good idea to choose a laptop that is fast to boot.

5. Sturdy

If you are carrying around a laptop with you every day, it is certain to pick up a few knocks from time to time. As well as investing in a good laptop case, try to buy a laptop that is sturdy and able to put up with a few knocks, as this will save you having to purchase another new laptop too soon.

Work Better on the Go

Choosing the right laptop can make a big difference to your remote working. It is therefore worth spending some time thinking over your specific requirements and finding the laptop that provides you with everything you need. Consider the above five areas when you start looking for the ideal laptop for remote working, and then find your perfect model.

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