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Where is Hohenwerfen Castle?

Hohenwerfen Castle AustriaThis magnificent medieval castle stands high above the town of Werfen in the Salzach valley of Austria and was built initially as a fortress between 1075-1078. Roughly 40km south of Salzburg, it’s surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the Tennengebirge mountains.

The modern castle largely functions as an adventure castle for its visitors. Some of the attractions offered include guided tours showing its extensive weapons collection, the historical Salzburg Falconry with the falconry museum as well as a stylish fortress tavern. The historic Falconry Centre is a special attraction, offering daily flight demonstrations by various birds of prey.

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TravelTipsPlus Google Map of Hohenwerfen Castle

One Great Reason to Visit Hohenwerfen Castle

One great reason to visit this travel destination is for the beautiful location and watch the falcon display.

A Tour of Castle Hohenwerfen

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My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

I was recently nominated to participate in Tripbase’s “3 Best Kept Travel Secrets” by Katie Sorene.

“Congratulations on being nominated in Tripbase’s Best Kept Travel Secrets Project! Two months on, and we’re amazed at the response we’ve had. Over 100 travel bloggers have participated so far, sharing their Best Kept Travel Secrets on far-flung destinations, hidden hotels, exotic foods and expert travel tips.” – Katie from

And so here are my ‘3 best kept travel secrets’. They were all unknown to me and I found them to be true gems…

1. Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta

Found on the small island of Gozo, is the fishing village known as Xlendi. Its focal point is the small sea-inlet ‘Xlendi Bay’ with its deep turquoise waters, sandy beach and surrounding cliffs. The bay is often dotted with the traditional fishing boats displaying the bright colours of blue, red and yellow, adding further beauty to this town.

Photo by stevesheriw

2. Stourhead Garden, England

For a period of six months I lived and worked in Shaftesbury, England. Every weekend was spent exploring the surrounding areas and the National Trust property of Stourhead Garden was a place I frequented. For a short period of time I worked as a groom just down the road. What a divine area of Wiltshire it was to work! I don’t expect, as a passing traveller, I would have had the time to have Stourhead on the itinery but as a ‘local’, I got to truly explore the magestic, 18th century garden with its bridges, grottos and temples.

Photo by BethM527

3. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is still the travel destination that I hold the fondest memories. I have in the past already dedicated a full post to Hallstatt. What captured my attention is that I stumbled upon it quite by chance and found it to be so lush and green, and tidy with a dolls-house atmosphere within the village. The surrounding mountains and lake, simply resembled nothing like what I would see here in Australia.

I now have to nominate five other bloggers to share their 3 best kept travel secrets.

Here are my nominations

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    Where is Hallstatt?



    Hallstatt is a small village on the banks of Lake Hallstatt in Austria. It’s surrounded by the beautiful Austrian Alps and is a picture postcard travel destination. The homes display splashes of colour from the many window boxes and even the small, local cemetery is a delight. Hallstatt is a UNESCO listed World Heritage site.

    Diary extract – 4 August, 1988
    “…I disembarked from the train and headed to the ferry to cross the lake to the township. WOW! Once the ferry drew closer and the town could be seen through the fog, it was an absolute picture. It was a fairy-land, full of little doll-like houses. Hallstatt is the prettiest place I have ever set my eyes upon. The houses built behind one another, up the slope of the mountain. Each with window shutters and surrounded in a brilliant shower of colour from the window boxes.”


    TravelTipsPlus Google Map of Hallstatt

    One Great Reason to Visit Hallstatt

    One great reason to visit Hallstatt is for the beautiful mountain, village setting – a pure delight!


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