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A New Year’s Eve to Remember

Take a superbreak and make it a memorable New Year's EveEvery year it’s the same. You vow that 31st December will be a night to remember and pledge to make fantastically exciting plans. You look forward to a sparkling evening as everyone delights in each other’s company in the spirit of the season.

But, let’s face it, more often than not, the reality is a world away from the hype. The last night of the year can end up a crashing, anti-climactic disappointment, whether that’s because you have forgotten the astronomical price of cabs, babysitters and restaurants, or because you end up having to kiss and hug strangers as you wish them a happy new year. Or because you just feel forced to ‘have fun’.

All too often you end up drinking warm white wine or cheap champagne out of a plastic cup before pumping the sweaty hands of people you’ve known for three hours in a teary, tipsy rendition of Auld Land Syne as the midnight chimes of Big Ben ring out another year.

The real shame, of course, is that it shouldn’t be this way. After all, the occasion is a time to celebrate having lived through another year, and to welcome the 12 months to come. A night for seeing out the end of the festive season in style.

The trouble is, it can be hard to break the cycle of annual disappointment. As the saying goes: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

So vow to do something genuinely and completely different this year – and plan your celebration early to avoid the eternal let-down.

If you’re more of a party pooper than a party popper, you feel out of place at a nightclub or you just can‘t face the thought of another disappointing suburban gathering, it’s time to give your New Year’s Eve a thorough makeover.

Superbreak, established for more than a quarter of a century, has a range of great ideas for New Year breaks, from hotel stays in the UK’s most gorgeous cities to south coast beach breaks.

There are no credit card or booking fees or taxes to pay on top of quoted prices, and many breaks include entertainment, a gala New Year’s Eve dinner and a late check-out and brunch the morning after.

Or perhaps a theatre trip, mini-cruise or European capital visit would be more to your liking? Whatever you choose, as 2012 becomes 2013, fall in love with New Year’s all over again.

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Saving money is important when you are moving, no matter where you are moving to. It becomes a bit more important when you are moving abroad. In order to cut down a bit on the stress of moving, you need to learn ways of saving money and having fewer things to actually take with you when you go. Here are a few tips that will help you to make the most of your move while taking the least possible from your wallet:

  1. Robinsons RemovalsMinimize what you are taking with you when you move. This can help you to save money on the actual move and to reduce your stress of ensuring that all of your belongings make it safely abroad. You can also cut down significantly on the time that it takes to pack and unpack your belongings. Consider having a garage sale and get rid of anything that is not essential in your life. You can make a bit of money from selling off your old belongings and save on the cost of moving at the same time.
  2. Ship your belongings to your new location. By shipping several boxes ahead, you can save yourself the aggravation of actually travelling with them and you can track your shipments and ensure that they arrive safely. This will also help to cut down on moving expenses if you are planning to use a moving company.
  3. Do a bit of research to find the best rates. International moving companies are virtually everywhere and a quick online search will help you to find one that offers lower than average rates. When doing your research, be sure that you are choosing a legitimate and trustworthy company. Compare rates from companies that have good reviews and choose the one that offers the best price for your move.
  4. Talk with others who have made the same move. There should be people who have moved from your general location to a city abroad. Speak with them and learn what they spent on their moving costs and how they helped to bring those costs down. Someone with actual experience in a similar move could help you to determine the best way to handle your move with the least amount of money.
  5. If you are really looking to make a life change, you can sell all of your belongings and enjoy no moving costs whatsoever. Of course, many will disregard this tip simply because many people have items that they cannot part with for sentimental reasons. If you do not need your house full of furniture however, you can sell it all off and avoid moving costs. Once you arrive at your new destination you can purchase new furnishings that match your new home.

This article was written by Robinsons removals, one of the shipping companies in UK.

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Travel Photo of the Week: Stourhead Garden, Wiltshire, England

Stourhead Garden was listed as one of ‘My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets‘ largely because I’d never heard of it and on visiting, was mighty impressed. There is nothing more delightful than coming across a travel destination you know nothing or very little about and find it to be rather special – this was the case with Stourhead.

Stourhead is a vast National Trust garden surrounding a lake with bridges, temples, grottos and pathways which all form part of the Stourhead Estate located near Mere in southern Wiltshire. It’s an absolute picture during Autumn as this photo captures its changing colours.

Stourhead Garden, Wiltshire, England

Photo courtesy of Lavinia from Dorset.

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Travel Photos of the Week: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for 2011 has just wound up and a close English friend of mine was fortunate enought to attend with her husband.

The features include show gardens, floral marquees, pavilions, talks and demonstrations. It is the second major national show after the Chelsea Flower Show but has a different character, focusing more on environmental issues, growing your own and cookery, while also opportunities to buy a whole range of gardening accessories, plants and flowers.

Being a keen gardener, I had the photos shared with me and decided to brighten up my blog by adding these splendidly, colourful photos.

Hampton Court Flower Show, London, England

A splash of colour!

Hampton Court Flower Show, London, England

The cottage garden

Hampton Court Flower Show, London, England

Weird and wonderful designs

Photos courtesy of Lavinia from Dorset.

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