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Travel Photo of the Week: Alicante Summer Festival

The Spanish seaside resort town of Alicante, which by-the-way has a marina full of multi-million dollar yachts, recently celebrated the arrival of summer with a huge culture parade. The photo below shows women in their traditional Spanish dress. The parade and celebrations last all night.

Summer festival in Alicante, Spain

Photo courtesy of Australian reader Helen.

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Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBuenos Aires is a popular port city on the Rio de la Plata, an estuary on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. It’s an autonomous city that is not part of the outer Buenos Aires province, and yet it acts as a kind of gateway to Argentina.

Visitors enjoy Buenos Aires in the spring (September to November), although its sub-tropical climate has generally pleasant conditions year round. Also in the spring-summer months, the city hosts festivals and sporting events that are popular among tourists, for which a variety of airlines allow you to organise your next cheap holidays.

People from Buenos Aires are known as “porteños”, or people of the port, with European roots that date back to the 16th Century. A variety of Spanish, German, Greek and Italian influences can be seen in the local architecture. Hence, there are no dominating monuments, but a variety of touches and details that hail from across the world, and can be seen in beautifully preserved 19th Century houses, majestic churches and opera houses.

Similarly, the city neighbourhoods are unique, with emphasis on local flavour following Argentinian independence in the early 19th Century. An exception is the Buenos Aires Cabildo, a public building that was once the seat of the colonial council and which now houses a museum. The Palacio de Las Aguas Corrientes, Palace of Running Water, was the city’s water works, built with myriad terracotta tiles and which today houses a museum with antique equipment. The neo-Gothic Palacia Barolo rises up 22 floors and was built as a tribute to Dante’s Divine Comedy, each floor supposedly representing a verse in the Italian poet-philosopher’s masterpiece.

Buenos Aires has a world renowned party atmosphere, not least because of its national dance, the tango. Perhaps best exhibited in the city’s dance halls, plazas, glittering ballrooms and outdoor parks, the tango is both elegant and passionate, combining discreet separation between participants that achieves lasting intimacy. Interestingly, in Buenos Aires, tango-dancing schools were traditionally men-only places called academias, and the dance was only popularised in Paris in the 1920s.

The city hosts the bi-annual Buenos Aires Fashion Week, which displays both national and international designers’ collections, and garners plenty of exposure. It’s held at the La Rural Fairgrounds in February, for fall and winter collections, and in August for spring and summer clothes. In addition to high fashion, Buenos Aires has a reputation as a party city, with bars and clubs of all sizes opening their doors late in the evening and remaining open all night.

Energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to recreate itself; Buenos Aires continues to earn the accolade of the ‘Paris of South America’. Buenos Aires flights are affordable particularly between October and January, when the weather is warm and the mate, or traditional infused drink, is readily served.

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Travel Photo of the Week: Grafton, New South Wales, Australia

Grafton, also known as the Jacaranda City due to its many Jacaranda tree-lined streets. The town folk celebrate the Annual Jacaranda Festival which is held from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November. The Festival has been running since 29 October 1935 and attracts visitors from all over the country and globe.

Photos courtesy of Katrina Murray

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Where is Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is the little, desert town located bang in the center of great, big Australia. It’s more-or-less half way between Adelaide to the south and Darwin to the north, making it an ideal travel destination to break the long journey in either direction. Alice Springs draws travellers from all over the world as a base to explore the beautiful red centre. The nearby sites include Alice Springs Desert Park, Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Larapinta Trail, the Flying Doctor Service and further afield, Uluru and Kings Canyon.

Today, on the 10 July, Alice Springs is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the annual ‘Camel Racing Cup’ which draws town folks and tourists from all over to watch the spectacle and have a lot of fun! The first Camel Race was run in 1970 in the dry Todd River Bed as a bet between two mates, Noel Fullerton and Keith Mooney-Smith. Since then, the race is held annually including a festival atmosphere with stalls, entertainers, rides, food and drink stalls, live music and Camel Cup souvenirs. No Australian race would be without ‘Fashions on the Field’ and this is distinctly ‘central Australian’ in flavour.

A Town like Mparntwe: A Guide to the Dreaming Tracks and Sites of Alice Springs


TravelTipsPlus Google Map of Alice Springs

One Great Reason to Visit Alice Springs

One great reason to visit this travel destination during July is to witness the camel racing spectacle which draws people in from all over.

Camel Cup, Alice Springs, Australia

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